The Difference Between the Silk Fabrics and the Satin Fabrics

Silk and satin are two materials that are widely used because of its smoothness level. Although both types of fabric are somewhat similar and have the same look, these two fabrics are very different.

Natural silk is a natural material, while satin is a synthetic or artificial material. Silk is made of cocoons produced by silkworms. The fiber is taken from the cocoon and made into yarn, which is then woven into a very fine cloth.


If we compare sutra and satin, it can be seen that silk has many advantages. The silk fibers are longer, and more durable than satin. Satin fiber is smoother than silk and if we talk about it

treatment, then we need to provide more treatment on satin.


Silk, which is a natural protein fiber, has a glittering appearance. Satin has a shiny surface on one side and a bit dull on the other side. The emergence of silk sparkle effect is due to the prism-shaped fabric structure, which refracts light, to be able to produce various colors. Satin is made of a number of fibers that float (interlacing). It provides a shiny look and also a smooth surface on satin fabric.


The origin of these two fabrics are both from China. Silk fabrics originate from ancient Chinese civilizations (probably early in 6000 BC), while satin was developed in the Middle Ages. Satin became known in the Chinese port of Olives (Quanzhou) in Fujian province where Arab traders bought cloth.


Silk threads are very difficult to produce, a single strand of silk thread requires thousands of silkworm cocoons. This makes the price of silk fabric more expensive when compared with satin fabric. Since Satin is made of synthetic fibers, the cost required to make it lower when compared to silk. If you want to buying a silk fabrics you can visit Fashion Fabric


Satin may shrink or expand larger than silk when immersed in hot water. Silk fabrics can withstand hot water for a long time, because it has a strong fiber.

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