Cheap Air Ticket? Here’s How to Get It!

The above title may be your question so far. Right now, boarding a plane is not a difficult thing, many airlines with type LCC or plane with cheap ticket prices. But choose any airline and departure day, well for that I will review about how to get cheap airline tickets online. For you guys must be a very obligatory backpacker can economical prices, let alone who want to walk to Bali, Singapore, Japan or even more Turkish hype tour. This I share some ways that I use, please refer to the reviews who can get a plane ticket promo with cheap price to go to Bali, Medan, Surabaya or other cities in 2015.
How To Get Cheap Air Ticket Price

Cheap Flights
Check Cheap Airline Ticket Promo

Some airlines are often very busy with promo tickets, some of which are Air Asia, Tiger Air, Citilink and Lion Air (which is famous for its delay: D). FYI, Tiger Air is now no domestic flight, but for international there is still and the price is quite cheap especially for the purpose to Singapore. How to check promo ticket how? you just visit their site continue to check if there is a promo ticket banner that suits your journey, usually there is announcement big savings in homepage website. So try to make a periodic check of his website, follow the newsletter and follow the social media so you do not miss the promo flight ticket information from the airline. Usually very often, also often really so, just have cheep or motion fast to get cheap tickets PP aircraft that can discount up to more than 50%. For the promo air ticket price can not be refunded, so surely you are ready to depart dated that you have chosen yes 😉
order Tickets Long-Away Days

According to the data that I read so get promo tickets you should order tickets around:

Minimum 60 days before departure for domestic flights
Minimum 150 days before departure for international flight

That’s if I wrong clay data yes.
Clear Cache Browser

Some online plane booking websites have a higher price if you come to two times to the website. So surely you clear cache & delete browser history when order. So do not be surprised pas entrance first order price of Rp 500.000 lapse several hours want more sent, ticket price so Rp 510.000 🙁
Do not push it!

Input from Winbert Hutahaean comments below, if you go group of example foursome try to buy each ticket and search ticket simultaneously with open browser / laptop different. And compare with buy fours directly, this way lets you get tickets cheaper than buying direct entourage. Although there is a possibility of sitting separately, most likely to be sequential because of the purchase at the same time. Except to buy seat so can be more arranged, but for what? look for a cheap 😀
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